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Navid is a Persian male. He usually works out 6-7 days a week and drives either a BMW or Mercedes. He is sexy yet simple, hot yet humble, and just an overall amazing guy. He takes care of his inner circle but does not cater to anyone who disrespects him.
Crystal: Who was the guy at the party the other night?
Ashley: Oh, that was Navid
Crystal: He was really cute
by pandax6 June 19, 2018
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Name given to any male Persian - people from Iran, once known as Persia.

As we all know, Navid's are very rich and good looking. They actually care about their attire and style.

Some people may envy his vast amount of cash. They don't put their money in the bank, they keep it in a private safe that is larger than the one in Malaysia (Malaysia is home to one of the largest banks in the world). For those of you people, such as Muneeb's and Ari's, who think Navid's cash flow is ending, you are completely wrong. Navid's cash flow is non-stop.
Navid: Get rich or die by any means...
Ari: *::continues to pick up pennies::*
Muneeb: *::bags groceries::*
by Dat Persian Boi July 10, 2004
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An Honarary council member who is so awesome he is almost equal to Lord Snaffles
Dude Snaffles Almost owned Navid at one point in time but it turned out they were so equal that Navid was almost better
by Lord Snaffles April 06, 2005
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A person that feels exasperated and furious at the recent internet trend in which people add entries to Urban Dictionary writing horseshit faking the definition of their creepy crappy names in broken English.
Have you seen UD, recently? The whole shit is making me a total Navid that feels like shitting on people's names.
by NavidedToDeath August 18, 2018
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