Acronym, used by some who live in the south to express distaste for car races.

Northern Guy: Do you like NASCAR?
Southern Guy: Why do you think that? You do know NASCAR, right?
by superslacker87 February 7, 2006
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a stupid hick "sport" in which 43 guys drive around in circles for 3 hours..wooo exciting. all you people who can auctually stay awake for those 3 or 4 hours should really see a doctor. or atleast watch a Champ Car or F1 race...they are auctually entertaing. And the only reason most women watch NASCAR is because they think some driver is cute or whatnot...which totally defies the point of auctually watching it. pffff stupid waste of TV time.
Mother:"Today is your dentist appt. for your root canal. Of course if you would rather watch the NASCAR race, you can stay home..."
Son: "NO WAY! I'd rather go to the dentists!"
by you suck April 3, 2005
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A poor excuse for motorsport which can it can thank all it's success on its marketing of high speed crashes, and the inability of it's fans to understand what is happening if they cannot see it.

Just slotcar racing for adults. and toosl.
"No one won today's Daytona 500 as the entire feild was wiped out at the first corner."
by sloanie March 18, 2005
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NASCAR is a sport in which takes real talent, you can't just go out on the track and win a race, it takes years and years of driving experience to master a stock car. Driving in a car about 115+ Degrees with very little air conditioning at 170 MPH plus the need of full concentration is very very hard to do. Some people assume that it takes no talent, that it is not athletic, and that you can win on your first try, which is absolute bull. Again, it takes real talent to drive a stock car. That is athletic. If you think that NASCAR drivers aren't athletes, you try driving at 170 MPH for 200 laps yourself.
You people must think you're smart, hardcore and rebellious for being against NASCAR. Whats the matter with you people? What about Baseball why is that considered a "sport" thats just hitting a ball and running around. Wow, so exceiting. NASCAR has action all the time with the drivers rubbing fenders, and the crashes. In Baseball you have to wait 5 minutes to see action. NASCAR should be considered a sport before Baseball.

And I'm sick of people Assuming that just because someone's a NASCAR fan, that they must be a redneck. Most Hicks don't even watch NASCAR or have even heard of it, thats a bullshit crappy ass stereotype, grow the fuck up.
by PantherNCStateFan April 22, 2006
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A great sport which actually takes some talent to compete. Anyone can run down a field, but it takes a real man to hold a 3600 pound machine steady at a 40 degree banking in speeds in excess of 190 mph. Its also the only sport in which it is actually a very real possibility that you will not live to see tomorrow. There are actually a few drivers that have died in the premier series, the most popular of course Dale Earnhardt Sr., who died in a head on 180mph crash with the wall, caused by Sterling Marlin.
NASCAR is a sport, it takes talent, and it is not just a redneck white trash extravaganza.
by Corbyn March 14, 2006
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A boring "sport" where a bunch of cars go around in a big circle for like 2 hours. The only exciting part is when someone crashes and there's a lot of fire. Watching NASCAR is a huge event in the South, like soccer in Europe. Similar to horse racing only there's no legalized betting.
Billy Joe: Hey there cousin, wanna go watch that there NASCAR at paw's house? I just love watching them cars go round and round.

Mary-Ellen: Well shucks cousin, I reckon I would like to, but I think we oughta be getting hitched first.

by DantheMan112 February 25, 2008
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A league of 'stock car' racing, more popular to hillfolk and rednecks. NASCAR vehicles are modified to the point of not even looking like cars. most NASCARS are pretty ugly too with all those colors...yehhck. dont ever give a Hotwheels NASCAR to a baby, they might mistakee it for candy.

Nascar racing requires almost no skill.
if you want real racing, try Le Mans. Corvette, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Panaz, Viper... on mixed terrain tracks, with more than 1 turn, high speeds, and much cooler cars.
a Corvette C6.R or Mercedes Sauber C9 can chew up and crap out 10 NASCAR vehicles at once
by TigPuff June 29, 2009
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