The actual best boyfriend/husband you could ever have. Preforms AMAZING in bed, has a great future ahead of him, and is bound to keep you happy and interested in the relationship forever! Anything you could ever dream of!
Marlin and I just got it on, and I feel SO GOOD!
by EpicSaskue October 30, 2019
Marlin is the most attractive guy u will ever meet, he also has the biggest dick u will find so keep him and don’t lose him. He is very loyal and loves to party.
Marlin gave me the best ride last night
by Almighty god October 27, 2019
a crazy redneck who enjoys smoking and drinking very large amounts, often is too drunk or high to care about shit found in Hallettsville on the weekend at parties smoking and drinking not giving a damn. Often uses the words mother fucking in every other sentence.
damn marlin this party is crazy as fuck
by mtgj February 23, 2011
When you jump into a swimming pool side ways with your hand by your side and while in the air you move your body around.
I did a marlin into our pool last summer.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
Marlin is very very annoying and disrepectful. He needs to learn to let other people live. He is a very rude person and doesn't know how to do anything and tries to steal people's boyfriend. He is almost too gay to live.
Marlin is very gay.
by hicookiesaregood January 22, 2020
A Marline is a one hell of a girl she is pretty in the inside and outside . she is there for everyone and she always has a smile even though she is hurting inside .if a Marline ever cries in front of you just know your special because they do everything they can to hide there feelings and have smile on and help others . They always put them selves last . The day Marline puts herself first will be the day she can’t handle it anymore but no matter what she is a good person and funny and good to be around and she has ONE HELL OF AN ATTITUDE . But she is the best . If he is ever your friend be lucky appreciate her.
Do you know a Marline because I heard she is the prettiest girl and a good person
by Marline April 12, 2019