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The redneck, white trash version of auto racing. You have to be 100% trash to think this is true racing: A bunch of losers driving around in an OVAL with soft banked turns. For the love of God you ignorant inbred bastards, watch F1 or IRC to have an idea what a REAL car race is like.

I'd bet my house that any of the "pilots" of NASCAR would get his lard ass handed to him at either of those series.
I watched 5 minutes of a NASCAR race. What an insult to car racing. I want my 5 minutes back,
by NASCAR is for rednecks July 25, 2004
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Nascar is one of the more pointless sports in america. The least they could do is turn right and left, instead of just left ( yes, i know there road courses they race on, but leave that to the real pros of F1 and Le Mans) people in America complain about the loss of natural resources, when a good lot of fuel is consumed every nascar race day by the drivers, as well as the beer bellied fans. Those who enjoy nascar are slow to realize that american cars and engines are the worste in the world. F1 has no Ford.. or Dodge.. or Chevrolet. They have BMW, Ferrari, and BAR Honda... all of which are much more highly respected than there american counterparts.
the engineers of F1 were let loose to design the fastest car imaginable.( while still being able to turn) they came out of the draft room with a car that could go nearly 300 MPH, and stick to the ceilings with so much downforce.
Nascar sucks all around compared to Formula 1
by Brian October 12, 2004
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An excuse for rednecks to take off their shirts and drink pabst blue ribbon while watching a bunch of overpaid pussies to turn left a billion times.
Instead of fucking my sister, I think I'll go to the Nascar race today.
by skizzle March 12, 2003
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a so called "sport" (its really not) that involves a bunch of shiny fiberglass cars going around in circles. the sport generally attracts chunky hicks and rednecks no matter how you try to warp it. People of low IQ make up for it in their knowledge of NASCAR.
Billy Bob:"Man i sho do love all them shiny cars goin 'round that there track ya'll"

Sam:"I love NASCAR more than i love bisquits and gravy"
by ness13 September 02, 2004
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It's not a sport, because it does not take athletic ability, and it is not a game because it is not fun to watch or play, it is RACING, The most boring thing on earth. You drive 500 times around a track and people actually watch it on TV? Or to actually go to one of these NASCAR matches in the blazing heat? WTF is wrong with these NASCAR fans anyway? They are either VERY easily amused or just stupid.
nascar is the best sport ever!!!!! OMG, they dfrive around all de time and sometime dey get in accidentz!!!!! OHHH, look at da prettie colooorz and de fire!!! Ohhhhhh, fire.... so nice!!!
by Spikesy July 20, 2006
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having to make only left turns like those redneck pussies driving around in counter clockwise circles wishing that they had enough grey matter to learn how to turn right. The least challenging form of motorsport, and the most popular in america proving once again that our nation is fucked up!!! Thanks George W!!!! Even motorcycle racing takes place in the rain. For those rednecks out there a motorcycle has two wheels and no roof and is capable of the same speeds of a nascar. (they can turn right also.)
There is a parade in my neighborhood so to get home I had to go nascar.
by sarcomax January 21, 2003
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