A boring "sport" where a bunch of cars go around in a big circle for like 2 hours. The only exciting part is when someone crashes and there's a lot of fire. Watching NASCAR is a huge event in the South, like soccer in Europe. Similar to horse racing only there's no legalized betting.
Billy Joe: Hey there cousin, wanna go watch that there NASCAR at paw's house? I just love watching them cars go round and round.

Mary-Ellen: Well shucks cousin, I reckon I would like to, but I think we oughta be getting hitched first.

by DantheMan112 February 25, 2008
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A league of 'stock car' racing, more popular to hillfolk and rednecks. NASCAR vehicles are modified to the point of not even looking like cars. most NASCARS are pretty ugly too with all those colors...yehhck. dont ever give a Hotwheels NASCAR to a baby, they might mistakee it for candy.

Nascar racing requires almost no skill.
if you want real racing, try Le Mans. Corvette, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Panaz, Viper... on mixed terrain tracks, with more than 1 turn, high speeds, and much cooler cars.
a Corvette C6.R or Mercedes Sauber C9 can chew up and crap out 10 NASCAR vehicles at once
by TigPuff June 29, 2009
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1) The Great American Billboard Race
2) An event in which otherwise skilled drivers fail to display the true extent of their abilities
1) My 'Home Depot' beat your 'Best Buy'!
2) Yeah, I'm sure it's hard, but would a right turn every now and then hurt that much?
by Tha Pyngwyn November 3, 2004
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Unlike most on here think, NASCAR isn't just driving around in circles. These drivers have to be conditioned so that they can last 4 hours in a car that gets very, very hot.

Also, NASCAR is a sport where kids can actually look up to the athletes involved. These guys don't need to take steriods to be the best in what they do. It takes real skill and hard work.

It may just look like driving around in circles, but it's more than that. That car wouldn't be out there without the guys behind the scenes. All kinds of guys work their asses of to build great cars.

The pit crew is also an important part of the team. You need someone to help fix your car... don't you? NASCAR is probably the best team sport out there. Everyone works together, to make sure that they have the best car going out on Sunday. In baseball, someone guy on steriods with a special bat goes up and hits a homerun. Wow... sounds like a great sport to me.
NASCAR is such a great showing of real teamwork.

Bob: "I'm gonna go watch baseball because I wanna take steriods and be like them when I grow up!"
by DEI13815 February 25, 2005
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ridiculously stupid, or something that is the extreme in a negative way
Touched By An Angel is so NASCAR!
by Laura Palmer November 5, 2005
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NASCAR may not seem like a sport to some. But by many, its a way of life. Spend your days reapairing, adding, and removing parts needed or not, practicing at the track, sitting still for up to 5-6 hours and not being able to get out unless rain delay or serious matters occur, fighitng the g-forces to keep ur head from moving and your arms and legs stiff so you don't swerve, trying to go around a turn 3 wide in those conditions. It's just like a thing that a lot of people do, hot-rodding. In sort-of speak. We're not saying we are the best people in the world. But NASCAR has its advantages. Take hockey... the advantages are fights. Here its crashes (just as long as everyone is ok). NASCAR is critical. *Taken from the commercial* the average fan doesnt cry over a number, doesnt limit their wordrobe to a single color (scheme), won't sit out in the rain to watch their fav person win. If you say NASCAR isn't a sport, then why is footbal or hockey or any other sport considered a "sport". Football is taking a ball up and down a field. Hockey is taking the puck up and down the rink. They both have goals, so does NASCAR. We are proud no matter who says shit.
Every sport can be put in simple terms, not just NASCAR.
by Sterb June 9, 2004
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Nascar is just a word that stands for what it is.

Bubba : Holy ****!

Johnny: What?!?!?

Bubba: He's making a left turn!

Johnny: Oh man! This is some wacked up ****!

Bubba: **** Nascar
by haydini February 16, 2009
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