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A day described by MesoAmerican culture that occurs every 52 years. this can be best explained by the end of the Aztecs in 1519. Ten years prior, there had been eight warning signs documented by the respected statesmen named Tzihuacpopoca. The following were reported in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital:
1. A comet appeared in the sky during the day.
2. A pillar of fire (possibly the comet) appeared in the night sky.
3. The temple of Huitzilopochtli was destroyed by fire.
4. A bolt of lightning struck the Tzonmolco temple.
5. Tenochtitlan was flooded.
6. Strange people with many heads but one body were seen walking through that city.
7. A woman was heard weeping a dirge for the Aztecs. (possible the fabled La Llorona)
8.A strange bird was caught. When Moctezuma looked into its mirror-like eyes, he saw unfamiliar men landing on the coast.

So what you say? well 52 years earlier Henry VII, who killed so many people, was born. The event every 52 years is known as the Tying of Years. The next Tying of Years is 2029. Personally i dont believe in any of it, but it is an extraordinary sequence of coincedences. In 1977, however, Mount Nyiragongo in Zaire erupted, killing slews of people in surrounding villages. Also a lesser note, snow fell in Miami in 1977, awkward. The Tying of Years is described in the writings of Xyochtolocan as follows: "When the coupling of great years and then some rounds(great year = 22 years) there will be suffering, a string of events that will bring the Earth as we know it to its knees, every period of the time described, bringing the world to the very brink of the apocolypse."

Some say the Mayan calander ends in 2012, which is an undisputed fact. The Mayans were basically the Aztecs and declined in 1519, the same time the Aztecs did when Hernan Cortez invaded. Same religion also, the mesoamerican spinoff. What i dont understand is that if the world will end in 2012, why isnt this one of the 52 year increments? if it goes 1977 - 2029 - 2081 and so on, then there must not be a very serious slew of events occuring in 2012.

The universe will probably end in another 18-20 billion years, due to one of the following.

If the big bang theory holds true, we will eventually coast back towards the point of creation and be recompacted back into a single molecule. sucks to live in the year 18,000,002,005 huh?

Or if there was some other way we were created, Earth will probably be engulfed by the sun. call me crazy, but scientists have theorisized that the earth and all of the planets are slowly coasting towards the sun, due to the suns gravitational pull. This isnt a result of the big bang if it happened, because Andromeda (52,000,000 light years away M32 closest galaxy, supports life) and its planets are not moving towards its sun. Andromeda's sun is also much dimmer, but the 5 planets of Andromeda are much closer to the sun, so all of them could support life. So eventually, we will either be

A) Compressed into an atom. Sorry, thats just the way its gotta go down.

B) Roasted alive by our beautiful sun

C) If the Mayan theory is right, which i just disproved, we will be over run by evil men, implode, burn alive, the dead will walk the earth, a large battle will erupt on the charred remnants of earth, and eventually the world will be ruled by just one man, described as "Dressed in black with dark hair, fair skinned."

You choose, but if i had to put my money on anything, i would say B.
I hope i live to see 26 (i turn 26 in 2012, the apocalypse) :P
by Corbyn December 19, 2005

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The greatest NASCAR driver who ever lived. Totalling a record breaking 200-career wins, Richard Petty has since become known as simply "The King". Richard also totalled an amazing 7 championships, matched only by the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. Also notable is the fact that Petty had SEVEN Daytona 500 victories. He also won 27 races alone in the 1967 season, 10 victories in a row. Richard Petty earned his 200th victory at the Pepsi-Firecracker 400 at Daytona International Speedway in 1984. Petty would go on to finish 10th in points in the 1984 season. Another amazing fact is that fellow cup driver David Pearson and Richard Petty finished 1-2 63 times, also a record between two drivers. After 1984, aerodynamic developement and tire wars did Petty in. He would race another 8 seasons until 1992, his best points finish in that time being 8th in 1987.

Year Rank Points Starts Wins Top5 Top10
1992 26 2731 29 0 0 0
1991 24 2817 29 0 0 1
1990 26 2556 29 0 0 1
1989 29 2148 25 0 0 0
1988 22 2644 29 0 1 5
1987 8 3708 29 0 9 14
1986 14 3314 29 0 4 11
1985 14 3140 28 0 1 13
1984 10 3643 30 2 5 13

Richard Petty is now 68 years old and lives with his wife Pattie in Level Cross, North Carolina; his place of birth. Petty also owns and operates a NASCAR driving experience for anyone with the money to enjoy.
It is every young NASCAR driver's dream to have a career like that of Richard Petty's.
by Corbyn December 09, 2005

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a false drug made up for validity reasons. EX: you are taking a survey in school, and being the ass you are you check +40 for all the drugs. embedded in there somewhere will be Bindro, the made up drug. so ask your teacher, what is bindro ma'am? and she will say, if you dont know you have probably never used it. i didnt know that flip-flops meant X until last week, and i have done much X. so that renders that statement false, she wont tell you because it is false. so dont check that box next to bindro on the survey, it voids the whole test. keep checking 40+, but bindro; well just dont mark it
Marijuana (weed pot grass hash) 1+_ 5+_ 10+_ 40+_
Bindro 1+_ 5+_ 10+_ 40+_

notice the lack of synonems.
by Corbyn December 18, 2005

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A great sport which actually takes some talent to compete. Anyone can run down a field, but it takes a real man to hold a 3600 pound machine steady at a 40 degree banking in speeds in excess of 190 mph. Its also the only sport in which it is actually a very real possibility that you will not live to see tomorrow. There are actually a few drivers that have died in the premier series, the most popular of course Dale Earnhardt Sr., who died in a head on 180mph crash with the wall, caused by Sterling Marlin.
NASCAR is a sport, it takes talent, and it is not just a redneck white trash extravaganza.
by Corbyn March 14, 2006

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Senior did not die in a bloody wreck, the interior of the car was not badly damaged, and the restraint did not kill him. Also, Sterling Marlin caused the wreck. Watch a tape of it, Sterling Marlin (#40) tapped the left rear quarterpanel of Dale, sending the car swerving down onto the apron. Dale overcorrected and spun, going straight towards the wall. Ken Schrader (#36) hit the side of Dale's car full force. The seatbelt did not kill him, as according to conspiracy enthusiasts everywhere. What killed him was him not wearing a HANS device, a neck restraint. When Dale hit the wall, his unsupported neck caused massive head injuries killing him on impact. I have this image burned into my brain of Kenny Schrader walking over to the 3 car resting in the grass. Kenny undid the net, and leaned into the car, then slowly backed away. The interior was intact, as the crash WAS NOT THAT BAD OF A CRASH. NOTHING would have caused a bloodbath inside the car. What made the crash so interesting was just that, it did not look bad at all.
Whenever i close my eyes i hear Darryl Waltrip: "Whoa trouble in turn 4, its Dale. He's ok though, right? Yeah, he's ok." RIP Dale Earnhardt.
by Corbyn March 14, 2006

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