A cuter variation of Mew, sounding identical, though used in a more expressive nature. Typically used by cat type anthromorphic girl characters in Role Playing to sound much cuter, and used by non cat anthromorphic girls to immitate them.
"Myu~!! Don't be sucha meanie!"
by MoxiKat June 26, 2003
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A compound word a combination of the onomatopoeia Mmmm and exclamation yes. It is used to express the your likeness to something as well as answering a question.
"What do you think about the idea of using pens instead of pencils?" "Myus."
by Neumanns_Own September 28, 2020
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Worshipped by programmers of TPT's SA office as a deity with power over Tenrox, TTD and administrative symantics. It is generally accepted that Virt Myu accepts sacrifices of productive development time, but there has been rumours of rituals involving sacrifices of a more sinister nature.
Virt Myu has allowed this timesheet update to pass through.
by TeepeeteeGuy March 26, 2010
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