animals with human characteristics.. or better yet.. humans with animal characteristics. i mean.. c'mon animals are perfect, why would we ruin them by giving them human features? :P anyway.. very common anthros are foxes, wolves, tigers, lions, otters, rodents, and bears

when drawn in a sexual nature.. is known as yiff!! ^^
that lion/human hybrid is an is the disney robin hood ^^ and he's sexy
by kurkly June 11, 2006
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Unlike what many people think about Anthromorphs having animal ears and tails, they are usually animals that have a human-like bone structure.

Anthromorphs are furry beings, that have the facial structures of animals, legs of animals, tails and all other traits of animals. Anthromorphs can be any breed of animal and have no special abilities. They're just animals that can talk, walk with two legs and have more human-like bodies.
His muzzle sniffed the air, his ears tilted up and his eyes narrowed. The Anthromorph knew something was coming. He grabbed his weapon and growled, getting ready.
by Villanite September 22, 2007
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characterized anthropomorphism
Anthromorphic means
having human characteristics
On an animal
If a wolf were to talk and walk like people that animal would be anthromorphic
Same goes for a person, I’d the person dresses up like a wolf it’s considered anthromorphic
by R3D R0ZeZ November 24, 2019
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