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The elongated synonym of eleven, used by small children still in the juveniles instead of eleven due to a underdeveloped brain, or lack thereof. It may be applied with other numbers, for example, "elevendy four", to further confuse people. The actual code of "elevendy" is yet to be discovered, though scientists are working on it at this very point in time.
"I have elevendy cents"

"I paid you elevendy three cents"
by MoxiKat June 27, 2003
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Homestarrunner.net is what homestar believes to be the website that hosts his popular flash cartoons, when infact it is homestarrunner.com
"homestarrunner.net, its dot com!"
by MoxiKat June 27, 2003
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A cuter variation of Mew, sounding identical, though used in a more expressive nature. Typically used by cat type anthromorphic girl characters in Role Playing to sound much cuter, and used by non cat anthromorphic girls to immitate them.
"Myu~!! Don't be sucha meanie!"
by MoxiKat June 27, 2003
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The reason you came to www.homestarrunner.com, seriously. He has many quirks that make him what he is. A few of his many features are his wrestling mask of which he never removes, as it is the source of all his 'beer opening' powers, though he is not sure that is all it does. He never has worn a shirt and is the creator of trogdor. He has a strong hate towards homestar and pretty much everyone found at homestarrunner.com
"Strong bad is the reason you came to homestarrunner.com"

"Lets go see monday's new Strong Bad email"
by MoxiKat June 27, 2003
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