The inventor of the G-spot. Able to quickly locate and arouse the area with either hand and tongue.
"The guy I was with was awesome last night, he must of studied under Myke.
by Supermyke December 1, 2009
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These are the most amazing people to have ever been born. They are the most kind hearted, warm, and amazing people. They care about others and you can count on them to make your day. They are truly angels sent from heaven.
by Talouloune May 9, 2017
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An insanely crazy guy that is easily amused, he also has alot of luck with girls, and even guys wanna get with him
Damn, did you see Myke over there? he's really hot
by paynekilr March 12, 2009
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A person who mistakes originality for spelling their own name wrong. They are known for over sharing, spending money when they don’t have a job, thinking strangers are their friends, and that acquaintances are girlfriends.

Synonyms: wet noodle, tragedy, joke
“Hey you know that dude Myke? No? Lucky.”

“That dude had to bedazzle his wang. What a mYke
by YouAshhole January 3, 2021
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Mykee is the definition of Hotness! her name derives from DJ MIKEE and she is sure to give you devotion! Kind hearted and a fantastic dancer, she is a lotta love to handle!
girl: who's that girl with the moves to kill?
boy: dont you know, thats Mykee, she is damn fine!
girl: giggity!
by soscandalous June 7, 2011
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This is what the men in kebab shops call you.
Instead of saying 'mate would you like salad on your kebab' they say 'MYKE would you like salad on your kebab' prenounced 'MIKE'
by Teksta69 January 24, 2008
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