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A name commonly used to describe one of the most beautiful and stunning girl you will ever lay your eyes on. She's hilarious, adorable, amazingly beautiful, her eyes are gorgeous, and she's what every guy wants.
guy1: Wow look at that hot chick
guy2: HEY THATS MY MYIAH!!!!!!!!!
by Ineedadoctor July 07, 2011
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One you cant find often.A very good singer (can hold a note like jennifer huddson) people say oh she has SOME BIG LUNGS ON HER! A vey shy person you have to look deep inside for the real personality its hard to find. and a great pastry chief. ALL U HAVE TO DO IS DREAM BELIEVE AND THEN YOU WILL SUCCEEC IF YOUR NAME IS MYIAH!
myiah is in me!
by ME!i! June 09, 2011
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