A name commonly used to describe one of the most beautiful and stunning girl you will ever lay your eyes on. She's hilarious, adorable, amazingly beautiful, her eyes are gorgeous, and she's what every guy wants.
guy1: Wow look at that hot chick
guy2: HEY THATS MY MYIAH!!!!!!!!!
by Ineedadoctor July 7, 2011
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One of the most sweetest girls u well ever lay your eyes on, she's gorgeous and layed back but well smack a bitch in 2.5 seconds if you get on her bad side. Has a beautiful voice if you hear it your lucky ass hell because Myiah's are shy and sensitive and have great personalities but hard to find, your lucky ash if you find it they are one of the most solid bitchs you will ever meet they are not fake and don't fw the fake shit they keep it 💯 wit anybody no SUGAR coatin shit

wit nobody n dats onna set
Dang that myiah gurl is gorgeous
by Pdwf450 March 1, 2020
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One you cant find often.A very good singer (can hold a note like jennifer huddson) people say oh she has SOME BIG LUNGS ON HER! A vey shy person you have to look deep inside for the real personality its hard to find. and a great pastry chief. ALL U HAVE TO DO IS DREAM BELIEVE AND THEN YOU WILL SUCCEEC IF YOUR NAME IS MYIAH!
myiah is in me!
by ME!i! June 9, 2011
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they are meant for each other.

best couple ever
have you seen myiah and luka?
they are so good together
by stragers November 15, 2021
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Myiah is a very kind, beautiful, and respectful girl. You're incredibly lucky if you know a person named Myiah. She's not like other people and likes to go freely in her own ways. She loves to mess around and is very funny, but she will still beat your ass to a pulp. Myiah is extremely freaky and loves joking about sexual intercourse and activities. Overall, she's just a gorgeous, creative, and loving girl.
"Holy shit, look at Myiah. Did you see her eyeliner? It's so cute. I could never be like Myiah."
by goobersfavmale November 29, 2021
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Myiah love Riccardo very much BUT Myiah is suffering from ligma..
Guy1:omg did you see the new couple?
Gir1:Myiah and Riccardo?
Girl2:oh yeah they are the hottest couple.
Guy1:yeah Myiah has ligma
by Claze69 June 26, 2022
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