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Myiah is a very kind, beautiful, and respectful girl. You're incredibly lucky if you know a person named Myiah. She's not like other people and likes to go freely in her own ways. She loves to mess around and is very funny, but she will still beat your ass to a pulp. Myiah is extremely freaky and loves joking about sexual intercourse and activities. Overall, she's just a gorgeous, creative, and loving girl.
"Holy shit, look at Myiah. Did you see her eyeliner? It's so cute. I could never be like Myiah."
by goobersfavmale November 29, 2021
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T-Rob is a good looking, caring, sensitive, and funny guy. He's fun to be around, he's most likely taller than all of his friends, and he's a fucking god at pulling women. His name probably came from his family or his heritage (his government name's usually Robert). Also, he has a fat, massive cock.
Girl 1: "Woah, who's that hot tall guy in the corner?"

Girl 2: "Oh, that's T-Rob. He's so hot."

Girl 1: "How tall is he?"

Girl 2: "He's 6'1."

Girl 1: "I just came."
by goobersfavmale November 29, 2021
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