Trusting the process involves supporting a team who is tanking on purpose in order to hoard draft picks as well as assets. Trust the process, also abbreviated as TTP, is somewhat cult-like at times.
Sixers fans TTP by rooting for their team despite three continuous years of less than 20 wins.
Other NBA teams claim to trust the process, but only Sixers fans really get it.
by InHinkieWeTrust March 15, 2016
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Basically carrying out a long term task or goal to end with a nice outcome, even if there are hiccups or mistakes made before that good outcome.
P1: I’m in the process of making and art piece, but right now it looks like shit

P2: Just Trust The Process. It’ll turn out better later.
by picckledissection November 28, 2019
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Some bullshit 76ers made up to cope with getting their asses whooped Day in and day out
Me: Did you see the 76ers get they asses whooped?

Kevin: Just trust the process
by WavyAsf April 4, 2017
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you just dont have a single fucking clue about what to do. you just slap your mom off earth. wrap your dick and put it in the ground and just yell trust the process.
Hey trap what are you doing on cod.

trap: just trusting the process
by jackrabbidpenis February 11, 2022
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A word/slang used for basketball players who are destined for greatness. For Example a basketball player who is focused on defense and plays with a passion like 2017 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook.
Trust The Process
by The Process December 11, 2021
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