When someone is convinced that this year will be their best year making money, doing business, and or love life.
This gon' be my year, this my year, this gon' be my year, this my year,
by $hiv LOL February 3, 2022
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My Favorite Year is an amazing musical. Taking place in 1954, it discovers the passion and ambition of a young freshman writer on the famous television show, King Kaiser's Comedy Cavalcade. Benjy Stone struggles with love issues, a drunk actor (his childhood hero- Alan Swann), and a very unhappy boss. This show will have you laughing 'til you fall off your seat, and wipeing your tears. A passionate, heartfelt comedy, My Favorite Year is a great show, with fabulous music, and some incredible dance numbers. Great for Highschool Productions, or professional theatres! For other great highschool and/or professional musicals see also Footloose, Gypsy
"The door was closed and it stayed closed. Alan Swann never opened it, he walked through that door" <br>
"Wearing a DUCK?!?!?!?" <br>
"The duck says, 'Yeah, get this guy off my ass! <br>
"Or maybe I remember it EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS!" <br>
"It would have to be one hell of a year, for some other year, to ever come near, that frantic, impossible, painfully near to me, year, My Favorite Year!"
by Katie March 21, 2006
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The year you become an orphan
2006 is my orphan year because my parents died in a car accident.
by B+N+C April 30, 2016
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When the teacher sits on her desk and says this, you *know* the entire class failed.
Friend: hey what did you get for math finals
You: I's got an f+
Friend: Oof
You: ikr
Teacher: *sits down on desk*
Friend: oh no here it comes
You: what comes?
Teacher: In my 15 years of teaching... I have never seen so many people fail the finals. It's literally THE FINALS!
*continues ranting for 3 hours*
Teacher: *takes a deep breath* Ya get that!?
Everyone: omfg finally
by TF2_Fan69 August 4, 2021
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An internet meme, similar to "I'm 12 years old and what is this".
It originally started on the website mylifeisaverage.com when a poster said that their 9 year old daughter read the website and that the other users of the site should watch what they said.

It is used as a joke when something inappropriate or something using cuss words is posted.
by quinchles October 6, 2009
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