The smartest, funniest and most handsome sibling you can ever find. He is so sweet, caring and funny. Also good at IT stuff.
I wish I had more siblings like Petros.
by jojo the great August 2, 2019
One of the only genuinely nice people on earth. Can be annoying but we love him anyway. He seems like nothing now but give him time and he will rise above all and he will blossom, becoming a great lover and father.
Petros is a fucken top quality lad
by BigBoy Steven July 25, 2018
Verb; to eat so quickly and enthusiastically that it inspires awe and revulsion, often simultaneously.
Dude! You just Petros’ed that Taco Bell beef burrito supreme!

Wow! The kids are really Petros’ing those Chick-Fil-A nuggets!
by tommydasquirrel October 30, 2020
Petros has a massive dick and is horny whenever he see's a sarah those 2 are meant for each other. He is very shy, especially around new people and new places. He has beautiful brown hair that makes you want to fuck him whenever you go past him. He is perfect.
"I just fucked Petros along with 20 other girls and it was the best time."
by Big big sad March 20, 2019
This word is synonymously used with payche and strong man. Usually used as a name for Ethiopian males, people with this name are tall and might fly a drone over your house
Starbucks Barista: Petros your Grande vanilla bean frappe with whip cream is ready.
Petros: THANKS BRO! Time to go lift
by Squuuueeeeeeeeeps January 5, 2020
Usually a person who likes to be the center of attention but only with his friends. Shy and has a hard time interacting with people he doesn't know and with in new environments. At a younger age he was a mamas boy and a thumbsucker. Generally a good and loyal friend. Has trouble controlling what he says and has no filter in his brain.
petros was weird when i first met him, but i like him now.
by pats fan 99 April 19, 2009
Meth capital of the United States. Located in Tennesee. Full of inbred people who stare at cars when they drive by.
Hey wifey sis want to hang out at the wide spot in Petros, and try to get some meth before we fuck tonight?
by TeeJay8516 November 8, 2008