My thing is used as a title to describe someone you’re in a “thing” with. Your thing is someone you love unconditionally, your best friend and your soulmate. The conventional scary labels of society have swayed you away from the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, but your love for your thing means you insist on some form of commitment. You could never let them slide away that easily, they mean too much, so you tie yourself together with the title of a thing. Thus, them becoming your thing. Having someone as your thing can sometimes mean more than a relationship, you’re not worried and caught up about the intricacies, you are their thing, they are your thing and that’s all that matters.
“Hey who are you writing love letters to chloe”

“Oh, just to my thing
by TheResultOfMyBestiesEarache August 4, 2020
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What a pervert says when he gets to a point in a conversation where he thinks what he is about to describe is too much for his audience to handle.
Christopher: So I was at the laundromat with Carl and realized we were alone. So I, you know...did my thing. Then I pulled up my pants and went home.

Lisa: Wait! What the fuck does that mean?

Christopher: You know...did my thing.
by Mr Poopypants April 15, 2017
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define "just my thing" This is something a person does which is particular to that person and not taught or copied from somewhere else.
It is just my thing when I make my coffee I only stir the cup of coffee once. I always sleep on the right side of the bed it is my thing.

Just my thing when I entering the data in the spread sheet I start at the 3rd column, I find there are less mistakes. (probably does not help at all with less mistakes)

Just Terminators thing “I'll be back!”

Just Johns thing 'Yippie-Ki-Yay Motherf***er'

Just Harry's thing "Go ahead, make my day."
by mac mcarthur March 31, 2020
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Based off Kid Cudi song, I do my thing. "I smoke I drink I do my thing. I'm livin' in my own world"

It also means spread peace and love.
I do my thing all day err day
by my life is bro May 22, 2011
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It means doing whatever you feel like doing that interests you. It may be trying many things to figure it out.
I may not have a job but I'm still productive. I'm an independent person. I'm doing my own thing and that's alright.
by calligraphy December 11, 2015
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what teenage girls say when their parents say "no" to something they really wanted to do.
k: hi girl, are you ok, you look sad.
a: yea, i know...i really wanted to go somewhere but my old-fashioned parents wouldn't let me.
k: really? is it one of those it's-my-parents-fault-thing (impft)?
a: kinda. it sucks.
k: hmm...impft... get over it.
by k'me March 6, 2011
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Possibly the best non-joke pickup line of all time
Girl: I just don't know if I'm ready for a relationshipment.
Boy: Hey cmon. My two favourite things are commitment and changing myself.
by Smeeagain October 31, 2011
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