A term of endearment said to someone to brighten their day and let them know they shine as bright as a star
Person 1: "I won't be at work tomorrow, feeling sick"

Person 2: "ok, will miss you"

Person 1: "why?"

Person2: "Because you're my star"
by K2Bjustsaying November 28, 2013
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Your other half, the moon is what keeps all of the stars grounded. In a sense, without the moon there would be no stars. Without the stars, the moon would not shine to its full potential. One without the other is incomplete, they are partners.
by Amanda Grahm March 26, 2015
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The pious alternative to "Oh my god." Used almost exclusively by grandmothers and Southern churchgoers. Antiquated.
"Oh my stars, that poor woman. I always said she deserved better than that man."
by catsnacks October 19, 2015
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The most death metal exclaimation one can make. In the vein of such weaker exclaimations such as "Oh my god." or "WOW".
Oh my stars, I can't believe she just ate shit out of another girls asshole. Nasty shit you download, Luke.
by JayR June 18, 2004
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Just another way to say kms look at the first letters of each word.
Guy 1: My Minecraft account was hacked
Guy 2: Oh no! What are you gonna do?
Guy 1: Keem My Stars
by Iron aiden November 05, 2016
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Spontaneous personal expression of overwhelming shock and fear regarding a devastating event.
"Oh my stars and garters!" said The Beast in X-Men The Last Stand as the remaining x-men approached Alcatraz Island after Magneto had already begun his attack.
by OrphanBlack May 09, 2018
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an affectionate term, used to refer to one's significant other, after particularly good sex, or sex act.
(To gf/wife) That blow job was incredible, you're my favorite porn star.

(To bf/husband) You fucked me like a racehorse, you're my favorite pornstar.
by the_carrot September 11, 2007
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