1: A green semi-precious gemstone.

2: A character from Steven Universe, an animated television series on Cartoon Network. She has a green peridot stone embedded in her forehead, green skin, and yellow hair suspiciously similar to a Frito Lay chip. She was orginally evil and intent on using a bio weapon of sorts to explode the Earth, but eventually was converted to the Crystal Gems. She still retains her stubborn, egotistical and annoying personality, as well as her love of calling everyone else a "clod."
1: Wait, is this a Peridot or an Emerald?

2: Peridot really needs to stop calling everyone a clod.
by YutyrannusRex September 6, 2016
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The most badass, best Crystal Gem. Is a green dorito who's lesbian for Lapis Lazuli.
Person 1: "Who's your favourite character from Lesbian Space Rocks?
Person 2: I'd have to say, Peridot, the green dorito.
by StevenUniverseMoonstone May 29, 2020
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Friend:Dude whats your birthstone? Me:Ive told you five million times before, PERIDOT.
by Logic3.14 June 22, 2011
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Peridot is the upgraded version of “period
Lily: *having a long speech/has to say something important*
That random stupid annoying girl/guy/they/them/whatever: PeRiDoT
by Zacrton November 3, 2019
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a one thicc gem from Steven universe , she plays the role of a pet who loves Humans and she wants to make babies with all men in Beach City.
oh look it's Peridot the green alien, she cheated on Lapis with Greg because he has a big ***.
by one thicc man March 27, 2018
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a word to express that something is odd or unusual; to express something is truthful
chloe: “i just shat my pants
natalie: “no way”
chloe: “no seriously, and that’s on peridot”
by gushingpuget6969696969 September 29, 2019
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A small PVZ YouTuber that makes PVZ Music Rips and sometimes gameplay. His idol of his channel is the Zombie "Jeff", a fully armored zombie with 4 arms and 5 hands, that also comes comes from PVZ. His "Jeff" is actually the zombie.reanim.compiled from the game files. Peridot Ciocîrlan also makes CS:GO videos, that nobody watches them.
-Did you see Peridot Ciocîrlan's new community post?
-Is again a bad meme with Jeff?
by Bijga Bij December 2, 2019
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