A response to "Thank you," loosely meaning "You're welcome." Phrase comes from an expression meaning "No need to thank me; it was my pleasure" to do/provide that for you.
Tina: Thank you for dinner.
Richard: My pleasure.
by newwriter July 19, 2014
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The international phrase for ChickFilA. Used by workers that have short hair and glasses.
Thanks for the chicken
My pleasure

See you later
— My pleasure

How are you?
— My pleasure
by AL0001 January 25, 2018
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When you work in customer service and you can’t say “Go fuck yourself” to a customer you say “it’s my pleasure” instead
Annoying Customer: “It’s about time” or “Can I get more ranch”
Customer Service Representative: “It’s my pleasure”
by AngryWombat1871 June 12, 2021
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When you are have done something for someone but inside you need that.
I need $65 for the new game, but my girlfriend is asking me for that for shopping and you gave it, she says thank you, you say "It's My Pleasure".
by Parzival16 November 17, 2019
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Your pleasure box is the women vagina "box" or it could mean a box that holds all your sex toys aka my pleasure box

Website selling adult toys: MyPleasureBox.com
I love to have your hard cock in my pleasure box.
by AnidaLeeds April 14, 2015
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What you got going on today is the result of the decisions you have made along the way. Bad habits, good habits (good in your eyes, bad in others eye. Depends who you ask.)
by galpalvalb February 24, 2013
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