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Adelaide is a sweet, beautiful, caring young girl. She is one of the best friends you’ll ever have.

She brightens your day with joy and love, you better never let her go. She also makes all girls envious
Boy 1: Hey, who’s the new girl? She’s cute.
Boy 2: She’s Adelaide, and you’re right. She is pretty
by kirstennotkristen April 07, 2018

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An amazing ass anime.
It’s full of action, sex, and badassery.
Person 1: Have you watched Panty and Stocking?
Person 2: No
Person 1: Well you should! It’s awesome
by kirstennotkristen April 08, 2018

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What someone says when you aren’t the type of person they’re looking for.

If you’re sad because someone said that to you, just remember it could’ve been worse.

I’m sure you’re the type some cute people want out there.
“Sorry, but you’re not my type, my dude.”
by kirstennotkristen May 22, 2018

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You don’t need one, girl. You’re as free as a bird.
You don’t need a boyfriend to make you feel good.
by kirstennotkristen April 13, 2018

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