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The process of locking up a girl for the cold winter months to hook up with while giving the girl a false impression of a potential serious relationship. The guy then lets her go when Memorial Day hits, the weather warms up and the sun dresses start coming out.
Guy 1: So how are things going with that girl you've been seeing?
Guy 2: Everything's cool but I got a house in the Hamptons for the summer so we'll see.
Guy 1: I thought this one actually might turn out to be serious. She's just another winter girlfriend huh?
by The Widge July 25, 2008

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Large and somewhat protruding stomach found on a man similar to a pregnant woman in her second trimester due to late nights binges at Nan Ling, Wendy's, and other fast food establishments combined with sheer laziness and an unused gym membership.
When is the last time you went to the gym? That jelly belly is getting pretty big.
by The Widge May 29, 2008

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"Nice way" of your friends telling you that the girl you hooked up with is not good looking.
Friend 1: So is that chick he hooked up with last night hot?
Friend 2: Let's just say she's not my type.
by The Widge July 22, 2008

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Running away from your problems generally associated with way too much drinking and spending too much money at the bars by traveling to a family member's house the following weekend. To avoid harassment from close friends due to embarrassing performances at the bar.
"Is he around this weekend?" Nah, it's a tuck tail weekend. He was a mess at the bar on Friday and Saturday and spent like $600 at the bar.
by The Widge May 27, 2008

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The act of quickly leaving a bar, party, or function during a blackout without telling any of your friends.
"What was up with the ghosting last night?" I have no idea. After that last shot of tequila I don't know what happened. I think I left my credit card at the bar.
by The Widge May 27, 2008

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White ring formed around a person's mouth similar to a clown (Bobo) from the type of chap stick made for 80s lifeguards. Tends to leave white, visible residue similar to those seen after the climax in clown porn scenes.
Dude what's up bobo cum ring? What's all over your mouth? Did you just blow a clown?
by The Widge February 11, 2010

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Large armpit stains the seep through shirts that are long like a hoagie.
It's so hot in here that I think I'm starting to get hoagies.
by The Widge May 21, 2008

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