Eric: woohoo, i aced my exam!! its my moment!

Sam: dude... its Rebecca Black's moment.

Eric: .......... *laughs*
by Rebecca Black Fame July 21, 2011
killing some one's moment or to bring some one down
Mike: I think i'm gonna ask out Kelly.
Sam: She doesn't like you!
Mike: Yo why you always gotta bite my moment!
by Emo Nemo May 20, 2006
The perceived and/or fabricated hardships of someone try to generate sympathy on social media in order to gain social credit and respect.

Typically, the hardship was minimal.
The guy is talking about how he worked in a cafe for 10 minutes and got slightly cold one time. A true "my hero moment".
by MrT-maybe April 13, 2022
A moment which is so Show My Homeworkable, it causes people to "Show Their Homework".
Spider-Man 4 has been cancelled?! Show My Homework moment .
by gummybearcheese1 February 23, 2021
Whenever your girlfriend has a problem that you don't know about- like when she's crying for no reason and you can't stop her- your mind just blanks. Then you scream 'Oh my god!!!', and run away in terror because you don't know what to do. At all.
Girl: (crying softly) sniffle...
Guy: (looks at her in shock) Oh my god!!! (runs away screaming)
Girl: (looks up, still crying) Oh great- he still suffers from 'Oh My God!!!' moments...
by death to justin bieber February 2, 2011
A state of mental disarray and confusion in which leads to the ignition and continuous pain of the rectum causing it to swell and irritate making you question life as a whole.
My asshole burns bruh *beat boxing commences.*

I was drifting off and that made me question the meaning of life. That was a my asshole burns moment.
by ArrowQuill December 18, 2020
An Oh my lanta moment happens when some one of the age of 20+ punches a toddler and below.
Oh my gosh Greg why did you punch that newborn this is a real Oh my lanta moment.
by Aagag December 11, 2019