This is commonly used phrase for a man named Crees. No one knows why his balls are itching. This is a serious disorder and
should not be taken as a joke. If you see
anyone with this disorder please contact
Person 1: Yo wanna go to town
Person 2: Weh My Balls Itch
Person 1: Yo why your balls always itching
by Dodndbs November 27, 2021
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1. a saying in which a boy reaches down his pant and itches his "area" and starts scratching.
boy: "Ermahgerd my balls itch."
boy2: "Ermahgerd mine too ermahgerd."
by ermahgerd glersticks August 20, 2014
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a uncontroble itching sensation around the scrotum area.
"AHHHHHHH....Oh naw, Oh Fuckin Naw, Oh Hellllllllll Naw!!!! My Fuckin Balls itch son"
by oneder March 03, 2005
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Situational instance in which the speaker is overcome with annoyance, discomfort, disgust, etc.
"Listening to that bitch talk about her feelings makes my balls itch!"
by Bebreezy1986 September 03, 2019
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