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My is a womens name. My is also the twelfth letter in the Greek alphabet. Also Vietnamese name, "magnificent, talented, beautiful, unique". My means one millionth or possibly; one in a million.
My is also a goddess with the pronunciation Mie, hence the power to have a good memory, get others in good spirits and has the ability to know how others feel / know by just looking at them.
Someone: Oh God, My is so beautiful today!
by Tutear May 13, 2016
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A trendy prefix used by a lot of companies in the IT and consumer electronics business coined by the bastards at Microsoft. It was introduced to ease the computer and technology illiterate into the world of machines by making the machine look and sound more personable... you know, just in case you didn't already know that the files and the computer was "yours".
by DoubleQuickstepDeluxe March 27, 2007
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Rhyming slang for 'goer'. based on the surname of Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Röhe (see model king)

origin: Swindon School of Art, c. mid 90s
'Hey man, your friend's a total Mies, how's about you putting in a word eh?'
by Primer Grey November 09, 2004
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
A term used by one when they sell their father's stuff on Craig's List.
Anyone want to buy my chair?
by uxder October 14, 2016
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A word that occurs at least once in every sentance said by a female.







you are lazy

by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
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Michael-(last names)Yee, You, Young, Yeung, etc.
"MY is in school today"
by diction February 26, 2003
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