A super amazing girl. Seg hets every boy and is so hot asf.
Someone: mie is an super caring person
Someone Else: omg i love mie
by Lovelollovelollove June 4, 2020
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Mie is a beautiful person with a even more beautiful personality. Mie gets all the boys she wants and make all the other girls jealous. And if you ever get a shot, don’t waste it, you will regret missing out fore the rest of your life.
Mie is the definition of “perfection
OMG! You look almost as good as Mie!”
by alioca110 October 22, 2019
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Different.She becomes your euphoria.
I am Mie.(Meaning i am extremely happy)
by Mizora January 29, 2019
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The name Mie is short for “mystery”. Mie is the kind of girl who doesn’t like feets very much. She prefers to use her arms instead. What makes her so valuable is how she can travel really fast from place to place. Something that is a paradox, since she doesn’t like using her feets.
1 Person: Look over there! It’s a wild Mie.
2 Person: I can’t see her?
1 Person: she’s gone already! I guess I was just lucky.
by Small fish aura March 18, 2018
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A beautiful girl with a heart of gold and perfect eyebrows
by Endofstory0 December 30, 2016
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Mie is a fucking angry dwarf also known as ling ling. she only talks about the gym and uploads the exact same tiktoks everyday she thinks she can beat everyone but she is about 130 cm so no she can't
that girl is such a angry cunt
Yeah she's such a Mie
by fhdhijsoipefk March 22, 2022
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A very smart and natural girl. She loves her family and her books but I still also a very active girl. She cares a lot about others, though sometimes it seems as if she doesn't get how big the world really is and only thinks of what's near her.
Girls love how sweet she is and guys love how natural she is.

Hating her is simply impossible.
Alex: hi sel do you know where Mie is?
Selena: ya she's probably at the library studying.
Alex: as always...
Selena: laughs* yeah but we love her anyway!!

mieiscaring love familyandfriends bubble sharing study
by Motja_keelan April 6, 2017
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