The sound made by kissing your teeth. Equivalent to “kmt”. Mostly found in South Africa. It is dismissive and shows attitude.
Bob: “That guy just bought your girl a bottle of champagne.”

Sam: “Mxm, that boy is disrespectful.”
by January 10, 2020
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Pressing your tongue against your teeth while sucking air inside your mouth to make a high pitch suction sound to express apathy towards a person or thing. This is sometimes accompanied by a dismissive flick of the hand.
Tebogo : Bruh there goes your ex-girlfriend with that new fuck-boy she's dating.

Tshepo: Mxm! Fuck that bitch.
by JoystickUp-Kid December 9, 2015
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The clicking of one's tongue to show attitude. Used in texts or online.
Jack:Your being full of shit!

Roxy:Mxm whatever!
by DJ SLENDA March 18, 2010
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Male to Male sex/porn. Gay porn. Gay sex
Fathima Likes to watch MxM porn secretly
by Fookolhun August 1, 2021
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