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basically a quiet person who doesn't usually need to voice their opinion but when they do , everyone takes notice. Also, they're batshit around the people they're comfortable with.
Example : if we could all be like the Fathima's of this world.
by Konnichiwachowing August 16, 2017
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A very good friend. Often needs to go to the toilet. When and before going to the toilet she sings 'I need to pee' and creates a beat.
Person1: Who is that running to the toilet while singing?
Person2: That must be Fathima!
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by smilingdamagemcnamara July 27, 2018
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a person who will forever be seven years old in spirit. has a contagious laugh and a tendency to write shockingly awful speeches. plural is fathom.
by hueehyeheuheue September 11, 2014
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