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1. The act of taking a large pinch of chewing tobacco and inserting into a partner's anus, and "packing" the chew into a partner's anal cavity.*

2. May also be used for personal pleasure by pushing the chew into one's anus with their thumb.*

*(Each act will result in the recipient of the chew in the anus to experience a form of extreme euphoria)
1. I gave a bitch a muzzleloader the other night, only to have her puke all over my sheets.

2. Whenever my masturbation sessions get boring, I like to give myself a muzzleloader with cherry Skoal.
by Deezzz Nutzzz March 02, 2009
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When you are doing a chick in the ass, right after you pull out her anus is still expanded and you insert your dip into her anus then stick your dick in and continue. Hence you are loading the muzzle.
I was bored so i muzzle loaded that bitch!

My pledge name is Muzzle Loader
by Coach Taylor September 16, 2007
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The vile (or pleasant) act of defecating into your mate's mouth and proceeding to force the excrement down his/her throat with your penis. Your mate's mouth acts as the muzzle, the exrement acts as the bullet/gunpowder, and your penis acts as the ramrod. Hopefully your mate will projectile vomit immediately after being muzzle-loaded, so as to replicate the firing of the loaded firearm. If you wish to take it a step further, you can hire a Civil War Commander reenactor to shout out commands during the process such as "Prime!" "Draw Ramrods!" "Ram down the cartridge!" and "Fire!"
Dan: Bro, I hired a Civil War Commander reenactor to shout out the proper commands as I performed the muzzle-loader on your mother last Thursday.

Mike: Did she projectile vomit?

Dan: Hell yeah!

Mike: Nice!
by Mike Dumas May 20, 2008
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The act of using your erect penis to stuff your friends nuts into a bitch's mouth.
"Me and my bro gave some bitch the muzzle loader last night! She was gagging on his balls AND my dick!"
by G00N3Z January 14, 2012
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During gay sex, one man takes a shit in the other mans anus. (see alabama hot pocket) The man who took a shit then fucks the other man in the anus. The man who was fucked in the anus then expels the packed-in feces out of his anus, creating the effect of a muzzle loader rifle.
Matt performed the muzzle loader on his gay partner.
by t nigs May 14, 2007
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A man who enjoys having objects inserted into his urethra. (term is derived from old-time guns that had their bullets loaded from the top of the barrel)
It was only when Mike asked Jill to insert the happy end of a ball point pen into his penis that she realized he was a muzzleloader.
by Don Wong September 30, 2003
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procedure in STD when a cotton cutip is shoved 3 inches up your urethra
after I railed that skank I had to go get a muzzle loader
by clean February 03, 2005
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