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A talking sponge of dubious sexuality.
There's a hint of broadway about Spong Bob...
by Don Wong October 26, 2003

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Slang term for White Castle hamburgers. Sliders are small and the actual hamburger patties have holes in them. The term is derived from the way that they, um, "slide" right through your colon. Eating sliders is a leading cause of starfish drool.
After eating a dozen White Castle sliders, I spent half an hour sitting on the toilet.
by Don Wong November 01, 2003

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One who is sexually attracted to special education students, those who ride the short bus.
That spedophile Alan is so desperate that he hits on the retarded girls.
by Don Wong October 27, 2003

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An extremely crude term for diarrhea.
("Starfish" is an extremely crude term for your anus).
Eating White Castle sliders will give you a bad case of starfish drool.
by Don Wong October 28, 2003

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The result of eating too much spicy (or just plain bad) food. See also starfish drool.
An hour after eating at Taco Bell, I was locked in the bathroom, experiencing explosive decompression.
by Don Wong October 26, 2003

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A stupid, unintelligent, staggeringly moronic act. Derived from the name of one of the most half-witted idiots to ever infect the earth.
When Jack came home from work on a cold winter night and found that his roommate had turned the heat up to 80 degrees, then opened all the windows "because it was too hot in here," he knew he was witnessing a profound act of Gencoism.
by Don Wong November 09, 2003

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A man who enjoys having objects inserted into his urethra. (term is derived from old-time guns that had their bullets loaded from the top of the barrel)
It was only when Mike asked Jill to insert the happy end of a ball point pen into his penis that she realized he was a muzzleloader.
by Don Wong September 30, 2003

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