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To Must, To be musty;
To emit a horrific odor. To smell extremely bad. To smell like armpits, boiled ass, chopped onions and fried corn simultaneously;
To smell like horse sex mixed with shrimp, rabbit urine and senior citizen shit.
Person 1: WTF is that damn smell?
Person 2: Oh sh.. PISS!
Person 1: Seriously what stinks damn?
Person 2: It's that musty ass indian dude over there, smellin' like curry and armpits n shit.
by FatChamp June 13, 2006
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What your mama didn't raise you to be.
"Shaniqua! I didn't raise you to be musty!"

"Git outta here wit yo musty ass!"
by FartingEagle19 January 05, 2016
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A stank person, who smell like they haven't tooken a shower in dayz. Or somethin' that stinkz like shit.
Dayum! That trick's coochie is musty, fareal.
by T-Laya February 20, 2004
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a person (usually a bitch) that looks as if they are smelly. they don’t necessarily smell bad, in fact even if they smell good, they can still be musty. musty is used to define a hoe who LOOKS like they smell bad. it’s like they got a bunch of nasty black cocks up their ass or pussy and now they are a musty ass bitch.
“Ay bro, do you think I should fuck Malia?” “Nah bro she is musty as fuck.”

“You see that bitch over there she got a fat ass my nigga” “Yea nigga she musty tho so I ain’t tryna hit it”

“Do you know Hannah Hendlish?” “Yea, she’s a musty ass hoe”

Doron is a good friend.” “Yea but I’m not gonna hang with anymore. He’s musty as fuck bro. I’m not tryna get malaria or AIDS.”
by thefaftmaster October 28, 2017
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dirty balls, men testicles that are kind of funky due to not washing.
Give you some what? I will not go down there with your musties.
by Angel December 30, 2002
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smelly, sweaty,dirty person who hasn't taken showers in days and has an odor
Edmund, you're so musty. Please take a shower.
by dragonboat September 27, 2010
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when you smell like a big pile of b.o
when you smell bad
by nikki September 26, 2004
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