A odor (usually sweat) that smells like wild onions
-girl walks past-
-Guy to friend- "She really needs some deodorant

-friend- "yeah she musty"
by BigGirlsStandBack August 6, 2019
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A stank person, who smell like they haven't tooken a shower in dayz. Or somethin' that stinkz like shit.
Dayum! That trick's coochie is musty, fareal.
by T-Laya February 21, 2004
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What your mama didn't raise you to be.
"Shaniqua! I didn't raise you to be musty!"

"Git outta here wit yo musty ass!"
by FartingEagle19 November 4, 2015
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That good ass weed. When you walk into a place the smell hits you like a truck, also known from Shoreline Mafia’s song “Musty”
Who got that musty?? I’m trying to be higher than a kite.
by TooTurntShaila January 9, 2018
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Stank, gross, or a foul odor coming from someone.
Damn did you smell Clyde's boots? They are musty as fuck
by GlenBigBabyDavis69 May 15, 2009
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A "basic" person, ugly, smelly, needs a wordrobe change and some tips on personal higeine
When you see someone wearing galaxy leggings and a yolo shirt you may utter the word musty
by The real @mustylegend February 19, 2014
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