You know when you don't put on any deoderant for about a week or two, yea it's another word for that smell.
I was taking a test in History class, when out of nowhere this stench came across my nose. I smelled all around me to see who it was. Damn those musty Indian Kids in front of me!!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 22, 2006
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A "basic" person, ugly, smelly, needs a wordrobe change and some tips on personal higeine
When you see someone wearing galaxy leggings and a yolo shirt you may utter the word musty
by The real @mustylegend February 18, 2014
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a person (usually a bitch) that looks as if they are smelly. they don’t necessarily smell bad, in fact even if they smell good, they can still be musty. musty is used to define a hoe who LOOKS like they smell bad. it’s like they got a bunch of nasty black cocks up their ass or pussy and now they are a musty ass bitch.
“Ay bro, do you think I should fuck Malia?” “Nah bro she is musty as fuck.”

“You see that bitch over there she got a fat ass my nigga” “Yea nigga she musty tho so I ain’t tryna hit it”

“Do you know Hannah Hendlish?” “Yea, she’s a musty ass hoe”

“Doron is a good friend.” “Yea but I’m not gonna hang with anymore. He’s musty as fuck bro. I’m not tryna get malaria or AIDS.”
by thefaftmaster October 28, 2017
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Smelling horrific; a deep and powerful smell as like the armpits smell. Not the person you would most likely want to be sitting next to.
DAMMM !! dat nigga smelling musty as fuck ! I don`t think he`s taken a shower in 5 mo`fucking days !!
by .dUCkkiE. October 17, 2006
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dirty, smelly, stanky ass suburban like car that has been used for sex/drugs. This sort of vehicle usually drives around drunk/high hoes that smell bad and have been with many men
"I iz been motorin around deez streets to pick up some dirt hoes all day"
"Really? I corraled many hoes up in my musty suburban last weekend"
"Cool, Do you wanna do hoodrat stuff?"
"No doubt. Lets pick up my homie G Hitmen
by Pontcysyllte Aqueduct February 10, 2011
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The smell of not showering or using decent deodorant for weeks,horrible stench,foul odor,rancid smell..Usually it's the niggers..since they cant afford decent housing with water to shower...and they love playing basketball all day,and don't have the courtesy to roll on some deodorant..this goes to show how lazy they are,they wont even take 3 seconds to avoid must building up in their dark bodies!! Nasty mothafuckas..I met this one dumb nigger who would actually apply COLOGNE to his underarms..what a nigger! He should have just went out and spent $3.00 like the rest of us do on decent deodorant!When u smell must..u know a broke nigger is close-by..so hide your jewelry!
"Man!Them niggers smell musty as fuck!"
"I bet the Lakers Locker room smells musty as hell!"
"I tried fucking Laquesha..but as soon as she took her stained underwear off...the smell of must took over my senses!"
by Baby Trigger June 19, 2006
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