a way for the navy to keep you from getting any sleep on your duty day
After being relieved late from my 18-24 watch, i was happy to hear that i had to muster at 0300 with my duty section.

Fortunately the muster only lasted 2 hours and I managed to sleep an additional half hour before 0600 turnover muster and then another muster at my work center.

Apparently, one who sleeps only 3 hours prior to a full day of maintenance on vital ship's systems is sure to do quality work.
by 7h0rn3 February 11, 2010
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A person, usually a man or boy, who is so broke they got no money or weed. So they scrape bowls, save peoples roaches, and basically try to muster up what ever they possibly can to get high.
"Man.... back in 1994, there were a lot of "muster" ass bitches."


"That dude Ben" he is a real "Muster."
by crabbie420 October 3, 2012
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1. to think up something clever
2. to conjure or summon
"Your a wizard Harry! Muster up some kind a flying device to get us out of here lad!"
by Steve Saylor October 26, 2005
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The congestion of LA traffic, due to all the cars heading to the 405, making traffic, untill after the 405 entrances!

often sung with a little mock jingle, "we all must go to the 405, the 405"
"ugh look at thoes musters, were never going to be on time"
by Bmamma February 5, 2010
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"Damn son, you better lay them musters down before those clowns see yo ass."
by Freestyle Flow September 21, 2004
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Wrangling of cattle, sheep, goats or partners, usually with the aid of herding dogs, ropes or other means of enticement.

An enjoyable form of role-play between partners.
Hurry up, Harry. Get to mustering me or I shall freeze to death in this Wonder Woman costume!
by DumpsterDiva May 9, 2010
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to suck on (usually referring to the sucking of a nipple)
when one is mustered it can releave pain as well as stimulate your senses

thou shalt muster thy nipple until it is the size of thee morsel
by morsel man April 2, 2009
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