v. mus·tanged, mus·tang·ing, mus·tangs

v. intr.

1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 2. To procrastinate.

v. tr.

To postpone or delay needlessly (see procrastinate).

From a character who fits this meaning on Full Metal Alchemist.
mus·tang·tion n.
mus·tang·or n.
"I have mustanged my thesis. And now it's due in three weeks and doesn't exist."
by SK-chan March 05, 2005
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popular budget oriented sportscar in america

family car that is a bit performance oriented to go in a straight line

not very good with road bumps because of poor suspension

not very good at turns because it's designed to go in a straight line.

in the early 1960's, many users reported cutting their steering wheels off because they found it useless because car wouldn't turn anyways
man my mustang is hella fast

man u kno i can't go 2 da track wit dis stang

man i rather run with my tennis shoes in that track than use my hands to push my mustang in the turns
by StangBoiAlabama July 03, 2007
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A car that can't do anything right. People always mention how the Performance/Price ratio is great, but all the Mustang GTs I've seen were between $32k - $36k from factory. It has a 4.8 liter V8 making only 315hp and 325tq. It has a live-rear axle and horrible suspension which makes it impossible to have fun on back roads. But here you're still thinking this: My Mustang GT is the king of the drag strip. WRONG! The Nissan 370Z can not only put a smile on your face in the twisty bit but it can beat a merely GT on the straights. Now your thinking wait a minute the Z is way more expensive!!!! WRONG AGAIN! A fully optioned out Nissan 370Z is about $3k more than an optioned out Mustang GT. Next time you look at your recently purchased American Muscle car, you can now be positive that you bought the wrong car.
Cocky Mustang GT owner: "That 370Z beat me again. I just need the GT-500 to beat it!"
Cocky Mustang GT owner's friend: "Why pay $52k for another pos when you can have a corvette or a 335i for $44k? I don't why I'm friends with you!"
by AzzSnatcher07 May 29, 2009
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Hrmm... well first off, there is no better sound than the mixture of my procharger whistling and my flowmasters rumbling. Matter of fact, when i hit 6 grand, i get a wood :D. But seriously, the only car that could MAYBE touch my car is a DSM. Fuckin all wheel drive turbocharged eclipse/talon. That is the only car i have had to run down. Notice i said run down ;). I own a 98 Mustang Cobra thats supercharged and i wouldnt trade it for anything except for a mach 1 or nothing. Oh and go to #bawnet on gamesnet! :D
omg i love counterstrike. oh and imma lil civic owner and i got burned by a cobra, i stoped after he hit second cause it hurt my ears :X.
by vagina pwning wem0 August 31, 2003
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1. Helps pick chicks up. Pussy Wagon.
2. Classic Ford car still in production.
We can take the mustang out this weekend and pickup some chicks.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
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the most coolest car a guy coukd ever have if he wants to pick up the ladies.
hey man you gonna go mustang some chicks
by mustang March 23, 2003
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The Ford Mustang is a piece of shit. :

If you want to buy a cheap sports car get a 350z, 370z, sti, or evo.

Don't waste your time with one of these.
John: Hey Sister want to make a baby in the mustang

John's Sister: Sure!
by mbuti August 21, 2009
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