The best friend in the universe. So retarded she's clever. Probably has Autism, but is also very funny, friendly and trustworthy. Sometimes stubborn, but it can be excused anytime. Helps others and is kind. BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! Also loves k-pop.
by waakwa May 18, 2018
Beautiful girl who makes me soooo happy, the best thing that has ever happened to me, someone who will always be there for you, the best girlfriend in the universe!
I Love Amee Sooooooo Much!
Will you always be my girl?
by suckafish March 14, 2004
A really cool dude who is really good at fucking bitches
Damn my ex dating this dude Amee and she posting how he gives her that good D
by That Cool Nigga June 13, 2020
one who goes to bars and falls asleep. often does this with no shoes.
"Don't be such an ameed at the bar tonight"
by Ronson ronson March 6, 2009
A word used to describe people who fall asleep when they drink.
"he pulled an ameed at the party last night"
by Holly Davidson February 21, 2009
A person of great use in tough situations however normally they are too into themselves and blinded by their ego so much so that they can actually just annoy people,furthermore they are normally useless in emotional situations but can be a great helping aid at the same time
by Yoyowassupjoe October 27, 2018