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The act of taking a foreign object, placing it at the rim of your asshole and having a male take his shaft and ram it up the rectum.
"Hey Craig", Jessica Said. "Will you musket ball this battery up my lubed asshole"?
by karfighting September 26, 2009
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A massive ball of resin pulled from a marijuana pipe, rolled into a ball and smoked.
Dude, Charlie hadn't cleaned his bowl in like 6 months, dude pulled like 3 musket balls out.
by Sanfred March 23, 2010
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(v)Any vaginal penetration while a tampon is present in the vaginal cavity and is tamped down and compressed into a ball against the cervix. (n) The remains in the vagina after the previously defined action is performed. **Sometimes leads to toxic shock syndrome.
(v) She was on the rag and left the tampon in so I musketballed her. (n) Afterwords I had to help her dig out the musketball, it was delicious.
by Tank256 February 01, 2009
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