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A small city on the West coast of Michigan. A.K.A "Skee town". Claimed to be the beer tent capital of the world.
I'll be drinking tonight, in Muskegon, the beer tent captital of the world!
by Brett Collins July 14, 2008
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A medium size town on the west coast of Michigan. An extremley poor town with a massive number of problems. However, Muskegon has a lot of potential to be a paradise, other than the mind numbingly cold winters.

The police of Muskegon County are widley known to be corrupt power trippers.
Did you hear about Muskegon?


by ACinskee January 15, 2011
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A county on the west coast of Michigan with no middle class. In fact, the majority has no class at all. The upper class still wear flip flops year 'round as formal wear and the lower class wear dirty bedroom slippers for every day, outdoor wear. This Muskegon behavior can be particularly observed at the East Muskegon Walmart. Muskegon loves Obama and free shit, even if it isn't given. A Muskegon heights resident may punch out your car window in midday and steal your car stereo with you still sitting in the driver's seat, leaving you feeling, "Skee'd." The beaches are beautiful to the eye, but not so lovely to the nostrils. Watch out for diapers, tampon dispensers and needles while strolling your sunset beach in "Skeetown."
Unfortunate Tourist: "I don't know what happened! I heard a crash, saw a fast, black blur and in a split second, my stereo was gone and my window was busted!"

Muskegonite: "You were 'Skee'd".
by anathema June 23, 2013
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The shithole on the west coast of Michigan that thinks it has everything when in actuality its about as alive as a morgue, however that doesn't stop Muskegon or "Skee-town"'s residents from walking around as if they had they had sticks up their asses because that's cool there.
Bob 1: Hey man do you want to go to Muskegon.
Bob 2: Nah, Satan's asshole doesn't sound that good right now; I was actually going to get AIDS
Bob 1: Ah Ok, that does sound alot better. Can I come too?
Bob 2: As long as we don't go to Muskegon, sure.
by Former Muskegon Resident February 14, 2009
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A town on the west side of the state of Michigan. People from the "Skee" are generally retarded and/or inbred. The government is ass-backwards and intent on completely fucking up any real opportunities of advancement. If you are retarded or just plain stupid this is the town for you!
Hey do you want to go hang out in the Muskegon tonight?

Hell no! I'd rather stick a hot fork up my own ass!
by muskegonitesadly December 08, 2010
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