1. To be perusing your mind -- as in searching for thoughts. Mind-perusing. Mirusing. Musing.

2. The act of listening to music by the band Muse.
Hey window-buddy, do you like this music I'm jamming out to right now? I'm totally musing it up.
by woozzi February 9, 2012
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In history Muse refers to any one of the 9 daughters of Zues responsible for inspiration in men.

Today our Muse still inspires men. She is warm and full of life. Extensive knowledge of music and art. She is a dancer, a comedian, a sinner, a saint, the girl next door, and a goddess. You will know a Muse by her hypnotic eyes, bright smile, quick wit, and the fluidity in the way she moves her body. If you have met a Muse you will be drawn to her.
"I sat there frozen as she Mused me"
by WebMc November 23, 2011
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1) a creative inspiration

2) A inhumanly awesome band that manages to fuse rock and classical and still make it the best thing ever thus reducing me to tears.

They take everything good in the world, times it by 10, add some mushrooms, and make it amazing. You may burst into tears upon listening to Butterflies and Hurricanes, faint to Our Time is Running out, and possibly die if you are fortunate enough to see them live.

You will no longer need food, water, drugs, sex or whatever else you think you need now as long as you have Muse
Person With Ears 1: Wha...what's playing now? *cries*
Person With Ears 2: it...its Muse

*person one and two die with euphoria*
by ihaveears May 18, 2009
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Muse is a band that I love with a passion, it's the coolest band you will ever come across. Its genre is mostly progressive rock, it can get a little heavy and it can be a little soft as well.
Think of the coolest band ever and you're almost there!
by Alice C. March 5, 2005
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A muse is when someone takes someone famous from real life and roleplay and act like them in their own way.
My favorite muse is Jacksepticeye. I usually make him act tough and unforgiving.
by A pretty swell Grammar Nazi August 27, 2017
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Only the most amazing, melodically creative band that exists/has ever existed/will ever exist. They show such a sparkling array of talent that it puts every talented person to shame.
The 3 greatest men ever. 'Sex' in human form.
Jon: I saw Muse live last night, then went home and listened to them on my hi-fi. I had such a boner on both occasions. They are the best.
James: I so agree. I used to slag them off, but now i love them more than i love my family. They rock.
by chippendale keith July 17, 2005
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Muse (noun)
Muse myooz

1.somebody who inspires an artist

Somebody who is a source of inspiration
for an artist, especially a poet

The poet used her as his muse for his book.
by Rae 1 February 10, 2006
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