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a developing Muse..... a small inspiration. a dainty or young person who inspires.
My wife has always been a muse for my art, and our daughter, being like her Mother, is my musette.
by atthepoint504 July 12, 2014
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Beautiful girl with an even better personality, she is smart grounded and did I mention beautiful? she is a bit crazy with a free spirit and eyes deeper than Mexican caves, if you have a Musette hold on to that little French girl for dear life, you only meet girls like her once in a lifetime
Have you seen Musette today?
by Kdkfn March 02, 2018
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A very strange and awkward person. Who loves How to Train Your Dragon everything. She doesn't care about what others think of her.
Dang! Did you see Musette? I wish I was as self confident as her!
by whizzstifle November 24, 2017
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