Slang term for the male testicles—popularized by the film Fat Guys Paradise(1999)
Fat guy: Im gonna kick you in the munks!
Carlos: Ow! Right in the munks!
by Asac Pauly July 16, 2021
A term that is commonly used in the fortnite scene for a player that is making a dumb or stupid play. Whether it is innitiating inside of the zone or whilst the zone is moving. Munking is the action of someone doing something dumb which is often non-beneficial.
Psyper munked me.
by JaxAU October 14, 2018
To stick only the tip of your penis in a girl's vagina.
"The vagina was too small so I had to munk it for a while."
by Jon Peemack April 22, 2008


Taken from the word Munkey, which is a mutated monkey. Munk is a way to call at friends, just like dude, homie, etc.
"Ey, where my Munks at??"
"What up munk"
by E.dictionz June 30, 2017
A short way to say "Monkey" or "Le Monke"
Guys, look at that Munk, let's take a picture with it!
by sziep April 12, 2020