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1. The sudden urge to eat junk foods after consuming (either by smoking or ingesting) cannabis/marijuana, usually accompanied by cotton mouth. The effect isn't necessarily hunger, instead the idea of food drifts into the stoner's mind.

2. A popular brand of snack food. Eaten mostly when one has the real munchies after smoking a bowl of dro.
Guy 1: Maaaan, Joe is so pissed at me. He picked up an eighth of some dank last weekend, I passed out for about an hour, then I woke up and ate up everything in his kitchen.
Guy 2: Damn dude, sounds like you had some badass munchies.

Guy 1: Man, I got the munchies like a mo' fucker.
Guy 2: So do I dude.
Guy 1: Hey look at that food rack over there. What's in there?
Guy 2: All I can see is that bag of munchies over there.
Guy 1: Let's get some, they look really good.

*Guy 2 begins nearing the rack, he immediately forgets what he was about to do, then procedes to ponder the great mysteries of life in the middle of Bi-Lo*
by Sionysus February 07, 2009

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