It means having numerous uses, being versatile or capable of being used for a great many different things.
by AKACroatalin June 7, 2015
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Something that has multiple purposes.
Such as: all you can do is smoke pot, but cocaine is multi-purposeful!
by Catherine Vermont August 23, 2003
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a sweater, comes in many different colors, and the neck is floppy.
has many uses, contains mystical powers.

batman abilities
bank robbing mask
picture scenery
comedic possibilities.

*may cause the neck to itch*
Yo, check out my multi-purpose sweater, it's poppin'!

I smacked that jank with my multi-purpose sweater.
by dmaonrigealnle March 15, 2009
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A room where it is socially acceptable to have an orgy with the whole school
Jose- “That’s very multi purpose room of you.”

James-Would you like to go to the multi purpose room with me?”
by April 26, 2019
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1. pursuing (for romantic rendezvous) many very different people

2. having a semi-pedophilic attraction toward candelabras

3. pertaining to a playaa

4. *this is a multi-purpose definition, so it can be used for anything*
What a multi-purpose woman, going after five guys who refuse to associate with each other.

Wow, she's is totally going after that kid who's playing Lumiere. She's so multi-purpose.
by Xu-Xu's Lover #9 February 18, 2011
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The one boy who will take on any role in a girl's life. Usually an attempt to be unofficially a permanent part of her life.
When you're taken, he often is the best guy friend.
When you're dating a loser, he breaks you both up.
When there's trouble, he's the big brother.
When you're single, he will often date you as long as you have no one. Occasionally can turn into very intense flirting.

Can be sexy, kind, funny, talented, stylish, passionate, romantic, even adoring or very attractive.
Quite often is charming and extremely kind but has a low chance of being married due to a complex issue in his life.
Every girl needs a multi-purpose best boy.
Girl: My ex is being so mean!
Boy: I'll kick his ass! You just go get dressed up pretty and we'll go to the mall. When your ex is around, you can be clingy to make him jealous! Deal, sweets?
Girl: Oh yeah! I'll make sure I look really nice for him to see us in public!*I love my multi-purpose best boy!*
Boy: That's better! I'll spike my hair so we look good together. Hold on babe. :D
Girl 2: OMG! I need a guy like that!!!
Boy: I'm her multi-purpose boy so I'm taken!
by ArcticIceAngelFlames March 21, 2011
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A tool that can be used for anthing. Usually a large knife or the like. I have one and i use it for all kinds of stuff. Scratchin itches, cleanin the pipe, cutting stuff, poking badgers, carvin my name in shit, widdleing, death threats, both mistemenor and felony crimes, picking locks, picking my nose, picking my teeth,(not in that order), fileing fingernails, can be used as silverware, skinning small animals, cut rope or wire, dialing numbers on the phone, typing, pokeing holes in stuff, and many others.
I used my multi purpose everything tool 3 times while submitting this definition
by Russ Bus February 8, 2006
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