1. A greeting to say whats up
2. A greeting to say how is your day
3. A saying to say killer, sweet or dude
4. Scratchin can be used to say a combination of the three above.

Scratchin was first heard at Peets coffee in Concord, CA, it was said by some punk kid as a greeting.
Robin: Hey whats up
Punk Kid: Whats scratchin
Robin: nothing much

Robin: What's good?
Punk Kid 2: OMFG I had a scratchin day!
Robin: Sweet!
by acalirobin February 6, 2010
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A sound resembles a scratching recorded sound/song, that DJ(s) use for mixing different tracks together, or just to make it crunk
Did you hear that DJ's scratchin' ?
by cygnuz September 30, 2004
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A joining of 2 words, Scratch and Terminate.

You do the math.
"If the cat was being harmed, it would scratchinate the face out of him within seconds."
by 4chanssssssssss February 17, 2009
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hmmm... guys always seem to scratch them selves especially wen they stand up n thier hands r always shoved up thier ass lmao hahahah...

hmm... do u always get wedgies or summit ey ey?
hmm... do u always get wedgies or summit ey ey?
by uz n rach!! December 4, 2004
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1. Slang for scratching an itch in the pubic area, notably caused by crabs.

2. Something a dirty hoe performs regularly but denies vehemently:
by Ziggy Q August 6, 2011
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A new rythm like parappa! it still in development so there will be bugs.


Melodi: She's the main character in the game, he will rap battle alot of people.


the fbi or something idk: They just tell melodi that putting graffiti on walls is bad

Cinnabay: She's the first rival battle in the game, she also paints graffiti BUT THE FBI DONT GET MAD AT IT BRO WTF

Biggie Cheesecake: literally the same as cinnabay ._.

Nami: She's the second rival battle in the game, she's all about oceans and stuff yea

Jamtine: She's the third rival battle in the game, she really wants to cook for Synthz MCWave but Melodi also wants to, also she has a muscle butter like wth🧈

Sythnz MCWave: He's the first boss battle in the game and the only battle that isn't a girl and has a 3D mode for now, he's pretty hard to beat cuz the notes go to fast, o yea btw he has the best line in scratchin melodi heres the line "Flippin and Fryin to keep myself from dying"

---------------Extra Characters-----------------

Tutorial person 1: He's basically the star of the tutorial and he tells you what to do

Tutorial person 2:She just the rapper in tutorial i guess


Astral Advisory

Cream Cheese Icing


Stir and Mix

Grease Poppin


pls like this took 4 hours to write
by memeaddictive October 1, 2022
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1: Verb; The female equivalent of "Jerkin' Off" where the woman takes a set number of fingers and proceeds to rub at her vagina profusely for sexual pleasure.

2: Verb; When a man or woman begins to itch his/her junk, and it feels so good that they either jizz themselves almost immediately, or they continue to masturbate following the relief of the itch.
Ex. 1: I just walked in on my sister scratchin' off like a lotto ticket.

Ex. 2: I jizzed myself when I finally scratched off to this itch I had for an hour.
by CauSkimo March 16, 2011
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