Made famous by Panera Bread, muffies are made of only the top portion of a muffin, which is always the tastier part.
Unlike muffins, muffies are flat and thin and delicious.
Forget muffins! Muffies FTW!!!
by greenlotus94 July 4, 2011
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A Middle-aged Urban Failure

Alternate spelling: 'muffy'.
He needs to spend some money on a new wardrobe and quit looking like a total muffie?
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ August 19, 2009
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Inspired by the character Muffy Crosswire from the hit kids tv show, Arthur. A Muffy is someone with no redeeming qualities. A person who remains a bitch throughout their entire life and is unable to compensate for their faults or bad aspects in anyway.
My boss is always a dick. I bought him some drinks so he would lighten up and have fun, but it didn’t work. He’s a total Muffy.
by Ligma joe mama May 8, 2020
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(1) A preppy female, quintessentialized at St. Lawrence University. The Muffy can be spotted with her Vera Bradley bag, coordinating accessories, and her upturned collar.

(2) The female partner of the Larry.
Sarah is so muffy, she dresses wicked well, and her Nalgene always matches her monogrammed tote.
by GreenMonter March 31, 2005
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Another Australian slang term. Down under, it is a verb that means when a man gives a woman cunnilingus. (That means he licks her vagina)
"G'day, Scotty! I heard you, ah, gave ya girlfriend a muffy on the week-end, mate."
{Pronunciation is actually "muff-ee"}
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
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I'm drowning in the muffie
This place crawling with muffie
I am the Muffie-Man
by Muffie man July 1, 2013
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your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, your lover, your sweetheart, your best friend
Oh Muffy... I love you sooooo much !
by chutzpah girl March 17, 2009
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