A significant other.

- Sand (no matter how long you try to clean off, you still find some traces of it)
- Quicksand (the more you try to fight it, the harder it is to get out)
- Cement (the most permanent)
"Where's Dougie been lately?"
"With his mud"
"You mean Maria?"
"That's what I said, his mud"
by meat jerkin' beef boy January 31, 2014
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A term used for slutty girls meaning, "Multiple Unprotected Dicks Syndrome".
John: The girls of the sorority next door are coming over tonight.
Dave: All of those girls are MUDS...I don't want to catch herpes, get them outta here!
by NWMSU November 23, 2009
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a nickname to call a hottie

the hottest person in the world
if you don't love them like they deserve their entire friend group will abduct you and hold you hostage
"i love seeing mud at school!"
"who is mud?"
"the hottie in your french class!"
by cattle <33 June 22, 2021
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Making up dumb shit

The blurting out of random words, catchphrases, or facts that are clearly unfounded or do not exist.

Usually brought on by excessive alcohol consumption and/ or sleep deprivation.
Guy#1- that's not right.

Guy#2- dude, I just read a study that 90% of Americans believed that dinosaurs were killed off by alien invaders.

Guy#1 - Stop with the muds. Let's go. You've clearly had too many beers.
by hashtag101 April 03, 2011
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in the mud is a term reffering to anal sex,
mud reffering to the anus hole, and in the, reffering the penis or strap on being stuck in it,
Dude number 1
"Yo dude, how tight was her pussy?"
"Na man i don't know, she wanted it in the mud!"
by Paul Jason January 21, 2009
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Being very high, mainly said under the use of marijuana.
Being at the point of tripping, out of control of yourself while high.
Guy: 'I just had a whole joint to myself, man i am mud!'
by chxrlottx August 21, 2015
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