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Fake Penis for Packing in Your Pants, akin to a dildo BUT only intended to be worn for show in underwear. FTM trans. sometimes wear these, or men with a small package who want to appear larger. Brand Name.
I was packing my Mr. Softie in my panties and he fell out.
Mr. Softie sure looks better than a roll of Quarters in your pants.
by fixitman July 01, 2010
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the act of taking a really soft, continous shit. It's as if your ass is a Cravel soft ice-cream machine and the flavor is always chocolate.
Damn, that mr. softie I just took sure smells really bad, but feels so good!
by lavazza July 28, 2006
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another name for Mr. bill Gates CEO of Microsoft
mr. softie beats core hog 's & screams @ http ( lingo writers ) and snorts @ C++ guys, I want BUG free code or no one goes home.. BACK to BACK all-nighters!!!!
by itichie_nocanpo October 04, 2006
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