To have sex and/or achieve orgasm during yoga.
David remembers the first time he met his wife. She was a yoga instructor at the gym he worked out at. Each anniversary they celebrate their meeting with a romantic Mr. Fantastic after dinner.
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
A move usually performed for the sexual thrill. A male ties his genitals to a bungee cord and tie the other end to a bridge or an awning high enough. Then the male jumps off the awning to experience the thrill (only if his dick is still attached)

"Yo, John said he did a Mr Fantastic yesterday!"

by Chinny Ching Chong August 26, 2008
Co-Host of the comedy podcast The Pub Show, Mr. Super Fantastic (AKA - The Dude) get's a bad rap because he tends to be the most outspoken member of The PubCrew - spouting off without knowing what is being discussed or simply taking an opposing stance on an issue because "someone has to do it". Mr. Super Fantastic is pretty much harmless, though, because he's only here for the beer (and to fight hippies).
DC: Why don't you elaborate on your comment?

Mr. Super Fantastic: S my C