6 definitions by domwithadick

a motherfucking whore bitch she raped some random guy to get pregnant ughhh fucking cunt she is horrible HORRIBLE HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEE
hatss zoe: ughhhhHHHHHH YOU LITTLE TWAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
student: ugh miss small being a cunt again
by domwithadick February 7, 2018
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Dennywise the Dancing Paedophile is a reincarnation of Mr. Stephen Graham Dennington. He has frequent sex with many children, his favourite being Year 7s at Kingsdale Foundation School. He does this every sixty-nine years, before going back to hell to hibernate with Satan's massive cock.
Olive: Oh my god, what the fuck is that?!
Dennywise: It is I, your daddy, Dennywise, and I must say your anus looks tight today...
by domwithadick February 7, 2018
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mr chan is a religious chinese IT teacher. he masturbates to jesus, and then jesus fucked him with a crucifix. the crucifix got stuck and mr dennington came along and sucked his cock. then they killed jesus when they jizzed on him and he died. oh no! the end
god: jesus my g does mr chan deserve to go to heaven?
jesus: he sucked my dick so hell yea
by domwithadick January 23, 2018
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The thiccest man to walk the earth, you can hear his ass cheeks clapping from a mile away. Goes by 'Chris', 'C-Dawg', 'Christopher', 'Mr. Ware', and 'Daddy'. Be careful if you approach him - he will not stop talking and you'll be kept there for hours......
*the sound of ass cheeks clapping*
Anyone: must be mr ware
by domwithadick March 21, 2020
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in sc4, mr nyoni's classroom, dominique fisted ludo oliver's arsehole with her long fingernails scraping to the depths of his shitty anus, scooping out delicious chocolate ice cream which she licked right off her fingers. he loved dominique...
dominique: oH yeah ludo
ludo: uh uh dominant dOM
by domwithadick January 23, 2018
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The most beautiful place where you can have hot, steamy anal all day long with London's youngest drag queen, Ludina, and his 36-year-old boyfriend, Rudina...
drag queen: hey wanna fuck where should we go
sodomite: 67 roxburgh road, hear they have some great strapons.. clementina will bring cookies
by domwithadick February 7, 2018
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