This is the name of someone you deeply cherish. Someone who you think is way too perfect for you and gives you hugs like there isn’t a tomorrow. Someone who is very understanding and always thinks of others before himself. Literally, the heavens opened up and said “here’s the perfect person.”
Person 1: “That man is so perfect in every way shape and form.”

Person 2: “That’s my Mr.”
by Eat your beans January 16, 2021
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A title used by ignorant or immature people in order to mock someone of authority or greater intelligence when losing an argument. Usually added to the beginning of the latter's origional name or title.
Police Officer: "Ma'am, have you been drinking tonite?"
Drunk Woman: : "Listen Mr. Police Officer, I swear I only had to beers."
by Mr.Man of Sri Lanka July 16, 2010
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Mr. wonders about miss. Mr. is a romantic man whose heart flutters as suddenly as a startled butterfly. He forgives quickly, realizing that LOVE is all. Like the butterfly, his favorite food is nectar from a flower, and he always desires to bathe in cool dewdrops on a summer morn. He prefers to rest in cozy nests filled with downy feathers. He loves to float upon warm breezes of chilled spring dawns, and drift along cool whispering breezes of hot summer eves. It reminds him of the Garden of Eden, and when it spread across all the land of the Earth.
Mr. was here a second ago, but then there was a rose scented gust of misty kisses.
by Urth February 6, 2010
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Say this to tell over people your current mood, emotion or feeling or can be used followed by an insult or otherwise. Can also be said as Miss. Mrs. Ms. Lord. Lady. Master. or Sir.
by ItIsJoshington February 5, 2011
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The ultimate goal of some women who enroll in college; that is, to find a suitable husband.
"She's only here to get her MRS degree."
by Gholdiggah December 29, 2005
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music removed

the process of removing the background music of a music video to determine whether or not the band would sound good at a live performance.

often only used in kpop.
dude. wondergirls sound like shit with mr.

hey. snsd still sounds pretty good with mr.
by a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s... November 12, 2011
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Short for Mild Retardation Syndrome. People who have this are prone to doing dumb and somewhat dangerous/hazardous things, or are just completely lacking mentally.
"Dude wtf is Brian doing?! His hand is on fire!"
"Bud don't worry. He just has a small case of MRS."
by asseatermatt January 30, 2018
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