When a guy makes a girl's loose pussy his own personal piano. A girl fingered with four or more fingers.
He mozarted her so good she sang symphony number9
by Katie Cobblepot Penguin July 13, 2010
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Screaming while peeing in a public urinal as to make others frightened.
I went to the bathroom and there was this old man mozarting. I got so afraid that peed my pants while running out. All was well that ended well.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
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1)a complimentry name you would call a very smart person which pays hommage to the briliance of the great composer himself.
dude, he's like wicked mozart...he got a 1600 on the SAT's
by b April 7, 2005
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Mr. Mozart was born in a great country. He lived for a long time and did stuff to make himself famous. 1 second after he turned 18, his father, seeing his talent for achieving beauty, sent him on a flight to JFK airport in new york. He then signed contracts with many famous record labels and spread his name. His greatest hits were debuted and became a instant success on Broadway. Mr. Mozart died of choking on a toothpick while eating at the White House. He is one man to be remembered.
Man 1:"Hey look it's mr. mozart!"
Mr. Mozart:"Yay!"
by ilovecows March 10, 2007
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The most overated musician ever. Mozart is what is called: 'Mainstream Classical' other types like this are Bach and Beethoven etc. This is classical for people who've listened to nothing better. Modernday tranceproducer Arksun is musically more skilled than Mozart was in his day. Just because Mozart was the greatest of his days he is still remembert as a the musical genious of times but he is not, There are musicians far more skilled than mozart was nowadays. I like classical, don't get me wrong, yet Mozart is certainly not the musical genious he is acclaimed to be.
A. pmfg Mozart is teh ch00nm3istro!!!111one!! 111eleven!!!!11exclmationpointone!!!111
B. What other composer do you know then?
A. pmgz!!!11 b4ch and teh beethovenz0rz!!!111one
B. ever heard of grieg or faure?
A. wh0???////slashslash???///
by Amar van Leeuwaarde February 6, 2005
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To cut the cheese in a particularly tuneful way, especially in the upper regions above G4.
"By Jove Nicholls!! Did you just hear my Mozart Fart?? Worthy of a standing ovation I'd say!"
by Befferson 2 February 28, 2014
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In the Opera World, terminology referring to breasts which neatly fit into a corset, therefore looking good on the Opera Stage i.e. they'd be grand in a Mozart opera, such as The Marriage of Figaro.
Backstage hand 1: Phwoar!
Backstage hand 2: Yeah!
Backstage hand 1: Yeah, I'd do that!
Backstage hand 2: Anytime!
Backstage hand 1: I know we're doing Wagner, but...
Backstage hand 2: BUT...!
Backstage hand 1: That's a right set of Mozart boobs!
Backstage hand 2: What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that pair...
Backstage hand 1 (dreamily): yeah...
Backstage hand 2: yeah...
Backstage hand 1: (hornily): YEAH!
by Sinead April 22, 2005
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