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It Means A Person Full Of Energy, Pep, Courage Or Determination.
Hey Peter, Look At Sarah Over There, She Is Always Such In A Great Mood, All The Time. Sam: Yeah She Has Moxie, Thats Why She Is Like That.
by Chance1880 March 17, 2015
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MOCKS-ee, n.
Having moxie means having enough cleverness, skill, creativity, fortitude and cajones to solve (or, at least, to get out of) a difficult and personally threatening situation.

Originally a Yiddish word, popularized by Moxie soda and the Kingdom of Loathing. The caffienated soda tried to add 'vigor and energy' to the idea of moxie; and KoL invented the adjective (moxious), and made 'moxie' also imply stylishness, accordion skills, and the ability to mix really good drinks.

(Having moxie doesn't always imply that you're the tricksy chutzpah who caused this situation in the first place, but the terms aren't mutually exclusive either.)
Think Anansi, Bre'r Rabbit, Robin Hood, etc.

"Sure, you'd like to burn off his hair in his sleep. But do you have the moxie to get away with it?"
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
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The most brutal soda known to man kind, it has a taste resembling sweetened cough medicine. It is not for the weak, thats probably why only New Englanders get it.
After a tough night of messing up slow pokes in the pit, why not crack open a cool refreshing moxie.
by Triv6 May 25, 2009
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The single best soda on the planet. Found only in the northeast. Easily noticed with its bright orange label or can. Tastes like liquid pain.
He Todd, lets go down to Dicks Mini Mart and get us a couple of cold cans of Moxie before we head to Fair Haven.
by cbniv December 24, 2003
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Amercias first mass produced soft drink, was known to hold healing powers but today is sold in new england. it is the shit.
this moxie tastes really good!
by eriko May 05, 2005
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