It Means A Person Full Of Energy, Pep, Courage Or Determination.
Hey Peter, Look At Sarah Over There, She Is Always Such In A Great Mood, All The Time. Sam: Yeah She Has Moxie, Thats Why She Is Like That.
by Chance1880 March 17, 2015
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The recommended tool of Accordion Thieves and Disco Bandits everywhere.
You do not aim with your hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of Sneaky Pete. You aim with your Moxie.
by Kyouji Craw May 18, 2005
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How much damage you do when you shoot (or do any ranged attack), and how much damage you take when you get shot (or attacked with range)
You got moxie kid, you ever thought of bein' a gunslinger?
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1. A soda
2.the cutest dog on earth
Moxie is so cute
by 21719 February 18, 2019
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n. When someone has guts or balls, they have moxy.
He sure does have a lot of moxy, telling his boss to go fuck herself.
by Craig Sisk March 21, 2002
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Self possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor. The word fell out of usage as the character traits it represented both became less common and came to be viewed as unfavorable in others.
Once on the board of directors, Bob was demoted to a position in the mailroom for his moxy in handling the ethics investigation of the CEO.
by cris clark February 21, 2007
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