Used to describe someone from New Fairfield that smokes weed. Or can commonly phrased as mowing
Yoooooo Mower what’s up/ yoooo you Morwin tonight.
by Mower niggy January 13, 2018
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A car with unnecessarily low suspension, usually driven by one form or another of a ricer
"His mower is so low you can't see his neon!"

"He lowered the suspension on his 2000 Toyota Sienna, it's a total mower now"
by JohnPStur February 4, 2015
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Mexican that honks at girls while driving an old beat up truck. ( is a gardener )
Girl : "EEW U nasty Mower"
by Liz March 27, 2004
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Somebody that smokes a lot of weed
Yo Justin's a (MOWER )

Or Let's go mow
by Mower 21 August 12, 2017
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Street name for a AK-47. Also known as a "chopper". Very reliable and very easy to get. These guns will clear out a room quick.
"When you want to kill everyone in the room ,a mower there is no substitute" -Samuel Jackson
by eaton bever October 17, 2014
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An expression used to express laughter, based off the common household utility, a lawn mower, primarily because it sounds like it's "LAWLing" when it is started up. (Similar to the word "ROFLcopter")
Lets start up this bad boy

- LOLOLOlololol...

- LOLOLOlololol...
God damn it!

Now that's a LAWL mower!
by sammyyourasalami September 5, 2009
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Any type of small animal that can be easily killed by a lawn mower.
Pomeranians, chihuahuas, raccoons, skunks and opossums can easily be eaten by a lawn mower. This is like what happened in "Drowning Mona" when Peaches the dog is killed by a lawn mower. All above are considered mower meat.

by supmypeeps! August 27, 2008
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